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    This fantastic game is perfect for 2 persons. It will provide unforgettable nights.

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    - 1 Board
    - 2 dice
    - 96 cards (48 for him / 48 for her)
    - 2 chips (1 tits / 1 penis)
    - 1 vibrator
    - Metal handcuffs
    - Chinese balls
    - 1 lipstick with penis shape
    - 1 intimate lubricant
    - 3 condoms with taste, colour and smell
    - 1 hourglass XXX

    We recommend having: beverage, chantilly, and will to play.

    - First you’ll have to choose the beverage that both players will drink during the game.
    - There are 48 cards for each player, divided in 4 different colours, which should be used in accordance with the sequence of colours on the board.
    - Each player must throw the dice. The one with the higher number starts.
    - The different items that come with the game should only be used when required.
    - The dice indicates how many board spaces you should move forward.
    - The cards will be used in accordance with the colour of the board. The man should use the cards with a male figure and the woman will use the ones identified with a female figure.
    - Landing in the space with the drink drawing, means that you’ll have to take a sip, kiss your partner and immediately take a card. If the person whose playing forgets to kiss his/her partner and the other person remembers, the first will lose a garment previously chosen by his/her rival.
    - If both players land in the same space, you’ll have to kiss immediately, but the last one who notices that will lose a garment previously chosen by his/her rival.
    - The XXX cards indicate the time that you have to perform each challenge, and you can control the time with the hourglass.
    - In all groups of cards there is a JOKER. The player who gets it can use it till the end of the corresponding stage but you can’t use it on stages with other colours. If you get the JOKER you can decide which of you perform the challenge.
    - To enter in the spaces at the end of the heart (the ones with positions) is not required a specific number on the dice, you only have to wait that your rival arrives there and then you both start to playing there together.
    - On those spaces it indicates the position that each of you need to perform. Use the hourglass to control the time, and once is finished, roll the dices again and perform the next position.
    - The loser will be the player who decides to continue performing the same position even though the time is up or the one who reaches the orgasm first.

    Remember if there is an XXX on the card you’ll have to use the hourglass to control the time.


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